Cleanup 3, SketchUp Geometry with Precision and Efficiency

Cleanup 3, developed by ThomThom, is a powerful SketchUp extension designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of geometry cleaning and optimization. This extension is indispensable for SketchUp users who want to ensure their models maintain a high level of cleanliness, eliminating unnecessary elements and enhancing overall performance. Let's explore the key features of Cleanup 3 and understand how it contributes to a more streamlined and optimized SketchUp modeling experience.

Key Features of Cleanup 3 :

1. Geometry Simplification

Cleanup 3 simplifies complex geometry by removing duplicate and overlapping edges, faces, and other redundant elements. This results in a cleaner and more manageable model.

2. Edge and Face Cleaning

The extension provides tools to clean and optimize edges and faces, ensuring that the model adheres to best practices for SketchUp geometry.

3. Merger and Welding

Cleanup 3 includes features for merging and welding coplanar and collinear edges. This helps in eliminating unnecessary segments, creating a more efficient and visually appealing model.

4. Component and Material Optimization

Users can optimize components and materials by removing unused or duplicate entities. This not only reduces file size but also improves the overall organization of the model.

5. Layer Cleanup

The extension assists in cleaning up layers by removing unused layers and assigning entities to appropriate layers. This promotes a more structured and organized layer management system.

6. Purge Unused Items

Cleanup 3 offers a Purge Unused feature, allowing users to remove any unused or redundant elements from the model. This helps in reducing file size and enhancing model performance.

7. Unused Text and Dimensions Removal

Text and dimensions that are no longer needed can be identified and removed, decluttering the model and improving its visual clarity.

8. Curve and Arc Optimization

Cleanup 3 includes tools for optimizing curves and arcs, ensuring smooth and precise geometry. Unnecessary segments can be removed for a more refined appearance.

How to Use Cleanup 3 :

1. Installation

Download and install Cleanup 3 from the SketchUcation Plugin Store or other authorized sources.

2. Activate the Tool

Once installed, activate Cleanup 3 within SketchUp.

3. Access the Cleanup Toolbar

Locate the Cleanup 3 toolbar, which contains various tools categorized for specific cleanup tasks.

4. Select Cleanup Operations

Choose from the available cleanup operations based on the specific needs of your model. Operations include geometry cleanup, component optimization, layer management, and more.

5. Run Cleanup

Execute the selected cleanup operations to apply the specified optimizations to the model.

6. Review and Confirm

Review the changes made by Cleanup 3 and confirm the modifications to complete the cleanup process.


Cleanup 3 is an essential extension for SketchUp users who prioritize clean, optimized, and well-organized models. By streamlining geometry, optimizing components, and decluttering layers, Cleanup 3 contributes to a more efficient modeling workflow. Improve the performance and visual clarity of your SketchUp models with the precision and convenience offered by Cleanup 3.