Flowify in SketchUp, Curving and Bending Surfaces

Flowify is a powerful extension in SketchUp designed to simplify the process of curving and bending surfaces. This tool is particularly useful when working on projects that involve creating smoothly curved forms, such as furniture design, architectural elements, or any scenario where bending surfaces is essential. Let's explore the key features and functionalities of Flowify in SketchUp.

Key Features of Flowify:

1. Surface Deformation:

Flowify excels in deforming surfaces within SketchUp. It allows users to bend and curve flat or planar surfaces along a given path, enabling the creation of organic and flowing shapes.

2, Path-Based Bending:

The extension operates on a path-based bending principle. Users define a path curve, and Flowify deforms the selected surface to follow the curvature of that path.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

Flowify features a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible for users with varying levels of experience in SketchUp. The intuitive design ensures that the bending process is straightforward and efficient.

4. Multiple Surface Bending:

Flowify supports the bending of multiple surfaces simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with complex models that require the deformation of several surfaces along a shared path.

5. Dynamic Editing:

Once surfaces are deformed using Flowify, the bending is dynamic and can be edited at any time. Users can modify the path or adjust parameters to achieve the desired curvature.

6. Preservation of Geometry:

The extension aims to preserve the geometry of the original surfaces as much as possible during the bending process. This ensures that the final result maintains the intended design integrity.

How to Use Flowify in SketchUp:

1. Installation

Start by downloading and installing the Flowify extension from reputable SketchUp plugin sources.

2. Activate Flowify

Once installed, activate the Flowify tool within SketchUp.

3. Select Surfaces and Path

Choose the surface or surfaces that you want to bend, and select the path curve along which the bending will occur.

4. Run Flowify

Run the Flowify tool to initiate the bending process. The selected surfaces will deform along the chosen path.

5. Adjust Parameters

Depending on your design requirements, Flowify may offer parameters for adjustment. Modify these settings to achieve the desired curvature and form.

6. Dynamic Editing

After using Flowify, the bending is dynamic. Edit the path or make adjustments to the parameters to refine the curvature of the surfaces.

Applications of Flowify:

1. Furniture Design

Create smoothly curved and bent surfaces for furniture pieces like chairs, tables, or decorative elements.

2. Architectural Elements

Incorporate flowing and curved architectural details, such as facades or archways, into building designs.

3. Product Prototyping

Streamline the process of prototyping and designing products with complex, curved shapes.

4. Organic Forms

Generate organic and natural forms in landscape design or artistic projects where curved surfaces are prevalent.

5. Fluid Design Workflow

Enhance the overall design workflow by easily incorporating flowing and curving elements into SketchUp models.


Flowify in SketchUp is a valuable tool for designers and architects looking to add curvature and fluidity to their 3D models. By simplifying the process of bending surfaces along a defined path, Flowify contributes to efficient and dynamic design workflows. Incorporate Flowify into your SketchUp toolkit to unlock the potential for creating beautifully curved forms in your projects.