FredoScale, Scaling Flexibility in SketchUp

In the vast toolkit of SketchUp extensions, FredoScale stands out as a powerful tool for scaling and deforming objects with unparalleled flexibility. Created by Fredo6, this extension offers a comprehensive set of features that go beyond the native scaling capabilities of SketchUp. Let's explore the key aspects that make FredoScale a go-to extension for users seeking advanced scaling options.

Key Features of FredoScale Extension:

1. Non-Uniform Scaling

FredoScale allows users to perform non-uniform scaling, enabling the stretching or compressing of objects along specific axes. This feature is particularly useful for intricate and detailed designs.

2. Handles for Precise Control

The extension provides additional handles for more precise control during the scaling process. Users can manipulate objects with greater accuracy by utilizing these handles.

3. Mesh Deformation

FredoScale extends its capabilities to mesh deformation, allowing users to bend and shape objects with ease. This is especially valuable for complex and organic modeling.

4. Advanced Transformation Tools

Beyond basic scaling, FredoScale offers advanced transformation tools, including tapering, twisting, and bending. These tools empower users to achieve sophisticated and customized shapes.

5. Interactive User Interface

The extension integrates an interactive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the scaling and deforming process. Users can access a variety of options and tools seamlessly.

How to Use FredoScale:

1. Installation

Download and install the FredoScale extension from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse or the official Fredo6 website.

2. Activate the Tool

Once installed, activate the FredoScale tool within SketchUp.

3. Select Objects

Choose the objects or geometry you wish to scale or deform within your SketchUp model.

4. Access Scaling Options

Utilize the handles and scaling options provided by FredoScale to perform non-uniform scaling, mesh deformation, or advanced transformations.

5. Execute Scaling

Apply the scaling or deformation, and witness the flexibility and precision that FredoScale brings to your modeling process.


FredoScale is a game-changing extension for SketchUp users who demand advanced scaling capabilities and intricate deformations. Whether you're working on architectural details, organic shapes, or any project that requires precise transformations, FredoScale provides a versatile set of tools. Dive into its features, explore the creative possibilities it unlocks, and elevate your SketchUp modeling experience with the flexibility offered by FredoScale.