Keyframe Animation 2 for SketchUp

Immerse your SketchUp creations in a world of movement and vitality using Keyframe Animation 2. Elevate your design presentations by effortlessly adding animation to any object with this powerful and intuitive plugin.

Key Features of Keyframe Animation 2 :

1. Seamless Object Animation

Animating objects becomes a breeze with Keyframe Animation 2. Record each object's position data for the current scene, known as a keyframe, with a simple click. When you select the scene, watch as the objects seamlessly translate, rotate, and scale to their recorded values, bringing your SketchUp scenes to life.

2. New Interpolation Techniques

Version 2.0 introduces a novel way to interpolate objects—by reflecting them between mirror images. This innovative approach adds a layer of creativity to your animations.

3. Nested Subgroups and Subcomponents Animation

Go beyond the surface. Keyframe Animation 2 allows you to animate nested subgroups and subcomponents at any depth. Their movement is relative to their parent, offering a nuanced and intricate touch to your animations.

4. Export to Movies with Ease

In version 2.2, Keyframe Animation 2 offers two streamlined ways to export object animation to movies:

5. Create Tweens

Generate in-between scenes with the object animation seamlessly integrated. Applications like Vray, Twilight, and Shaderlight can efficiently render these tweens. Enjoy smooth compatibility with all SketchUp scene properties.

6. Combine SketchUp Scene Animation

Merge the SketchUp scene animation with Keyframe object animation and export it directly to a movie. This feature is not only fast but also simplifies the export process, ensuring efficiency.

Experience the Free Trial

Embark on your animation journey with confidence. Keyframe Animation 2 provides a 10-day free trial, allowing you to explore its capabilities and witness the transformative impact it can have on your SketchUp projects.