Random Scaling and Rotation in SketchUp

The Scale And Rotate Multiple extension for SketchUp introduces a powerful set of tools that streamline the process of scaling and rotating multiple components or groups within a model. This extension proves to be invaluable for users working on projects that require precise adjustments and transformations across multiple elements. In this guide, we'll delve into the key features of the Scale And Rotate Multiple extension and explore how it enhances efficiency in SketchUp workflows.

Key Features of the Scale And Rotate Multiple Extension:

1. Batch Scaling:

One of the primary functions of this extension is its ability to perform batch scaling on selected components or groups. Users can apply uniform scaling to multiple elements simultaneously, ensuring consistency in their design.

2. Batch Rotation:

The extension facilitates the batch rotation of components or groups. This feature is particularly useful when precise rotational adjustments are needed across various elements in a model.

3. Uniform and Non-Uniform Scaling:

Users have the flexibility to choose between uniform scaling, where all dimensions scale proportionally, and non-uniform scaling, allowing independent scaling along different axes. This versatility caters to a range of design requirements.

4. Custom Pivot Points:

The extension allows users to set custom pivot points for scaling and rotating. This customization ensures that transformations are applied with precision, especially in scenarios where a specific reference point is crucial.

5. Numerical Input:

For accuracy in transformations, the extension provides numerical input options for scaling factors and rotation angles. This ensures that users can input precise values, maintaining control over the transformation process.

How to Use the Scale And Rotate Multiple Extension:

1. Installation:

Begin by downloading and installing the Scale And Rotate Multiple extension. Follow the installation instructions provided by the extension developer to ensure successful setup.

2. Accessing the Extension:

Once installed, locate the Scale And Rotate Multiple extension in the SketchUp menu or toolbar. Activate the extension to access its features.

3. Selecting Components or Groups:

Choose the components or groups in your model that you want to scale or rotate. The extension supports the selection of multiple elements for simultaneous transformations.

4. Setting Scaling Parameters:

Define the scaling parameters, including whether to apply uniform or non-uniform scaling. Input the desired scaling factor or choose custom options based on your design requirements.

5. Setting Rotation Parameters:

Specify the rotation parameters, including the angle of rotation. Users can input numerical values for precise rotational adjustments.

6. Setting Pivot Points:

If needed, set custom pivot points for the scaling and rotation transformations. This is particularly useful for scenarios where transformations should be centered around specific reference points.

7. Applying Transformations:

Execute the scaling and rotation process by clicking the appropriate button or menu option in the extension. The selected components or groups will undergo the specified transformations.

8. Review and Adjust:

After applying the transformations, review the results and make any necessary adjustments. The extension provides a user-friendly interface for fine-tuning scaling and rotation as needed.

Applications in SketchUp Projects:

1. Architectural Design:

Architects can use the extension to efficiently scale and rotate architectural components or groups, ensuring consistency and accuracy in design elements.

2. Urban Planning:

Urban planners working with complex layouts and structures can benefit from batch transformations to achieve uniform scaling and precise rotations across multiple elements.

3. Product Design:

Product designers can use the extension to make consistent adjustments to components within a product assembly, maintaining design integrity and coherence.

4. Interior Design:

Interior designers can apply batch scaling and rotation to furniture and fixtures, ensuring a harmonious arrangement within interior spaces.


The Scale And Rotate Multiple extension proves to be a valuable asset for SketchUp users seeking efficient ways to transform multiple components or groups. By providing batch scaling and rotation capabilities with customizable options, this extension enhances precision and streamlines workflows. Incorporate the Scale And Rotate Multiple extension into your SketchUp toolkit to elevate your design efficiency and achieve uniform transformations across diverse elements in your 3D models.