Soap Skin & Bubble, Organic Modeling in SketchUp

For SketchUp users seeking a specialized tool for creating smooth and organic shapes, the Soap Skin & Bubble extension emerges as a valuable asset. Developed by Josef Leibinger, this extension introduces a unique approach to surface modeling in SketchUp. Let's delve into the key features that make Soap Skin & Bubble a notable choice for users engaged in organic and curvilinear designs.

Key Features of Soap Skin & Bubble Extension:

1. Surface Skinning

The extension excels in creating smooth surfaces by allowing users to define an initial shape and then skin it with a flexible and organic surface.

2. Bubble Tool

Soap Skin & Bubble includes a Bubble tool that enables users to add curvature and shape variations to their surfaces. This tool is particularly useful for achieving complex and flowing forms.

3. Mesh Generation

Users can generate a mesh of quad faces on the skinned surface, providing a clean and manageable structure for further modeling or detailing.

4. Adjustable Tension

The extension introduces the concept of tension, allowing users to control the smoothness of the skinned surface. Adjusting tension provides flexibility in achieving the desired level of curvature.

5. Interactive Interface

Soap Skin & Bubble integrates an interactive and user-friendly interface that facilitates the creation and manipulation of skinned surfaces. Users can visualize changes in real-time.

How to Use Soap Skin & Bubble:

1. Installation

Download and install the Soap Skin & Bubble extension from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse or the official developer's website.

2. Activate the Tool

Once installed, activate the Soap Skin & Bubble tool within SketchUp.

3. Draw Initial Shape

Sketch an initial shape or outline that you wish to skin with a smooth surface.

4. Apply Soap Skin

Use the extension to apply the soap skin to the drawn shape, creating a flexible and organic surface.

5. Adjust Tension and Add Bubbles

Fine-tune the tension to control the smoothness of the skinned surface. Use the Bubble tool to introduce variations and curvature.

6. Generate Mesh

Optionally, generate a quad face mesh on the skinned surface for further refinement or detailing.


Soap Skin & Bubble is a valuable extension for SketchUp users engaged in organic and curvilinear modeling. Whether you're working on architectural forms, product design, or any project that demands smooth and flowing surfaces, this extension provides a unique and intuitive approach. Dive into its features, experiment with the soap skinning process, and explore the creative possibilities that Soap Skin & Bubble unlocks for your SketchUp modeling endeavors.