KeyShot 11 For SketchUp

Experience a smooth transition from SketchUp to KeyShot 11 with the dedicated plugin that streamlines your workflow and enhances visualization. The SketchUp to KeyShot 11 plugin acts as a bridge between these two powerful tools, allowing you to seamlessly export your SketchUp models for high-quality rendering in KeyShot.

Key Features KeyShot 11 For SketchUp:

1. Color and Texture Preservation

Maintain the integrity of colors and textures as you transfer your SketchUp models to KeyShot, ensuring a consistent and realistic representation.

2. Group Recognition

The plugin intelligently recognizes groups within your SketchUp model, preserving the structure and organization during the export process.

3. LiveLinking

Enjoy the benefits of LiveLinking, which establishes a dynamic connection between SketchUp and KeyShot. Any changes made in SketchUp are reflected instantly in KeyShot.

4. Camera Synchronization

Update the camera view from SketchUp in KeyShot, allowing you to fine-tune the composition and perspective for your rendered scenes.

5. Export to .bip

Effortlessly export your SketchUp models to KeyShot's native .bip format, ensuring compatibility and efficient collaboration between the two platforms.

Physics Animation Support :

Unlock advanced physics-based animation capabilities in KeyShot Pro through seamless integration with SketchUp models.

System Requirements:

  • SketchUp 2015 – 2022
  • KeyShot 11
  • Windows 10 or later, or macOS 10.8 or later

How to Get Started :

Visit KeyShot's official website for more details on the SketchUp to KeyShot 11 plugin. Explore the possibilities of realistic rendering and visualization by combining the modeling flexibility of SketchUp with the rendering prowess of KeyShot.

Elevate your design presentations and bring your SketchUp creations to life with the powerful rendering capabilities of KeyShot 11.